Leo Burnett LX

AD: Gil Santos & Tito Gouveia
CW: Freddie Brando, Inês Reis & Maria Manuel
Des: José Gouveia
CD: Lucas Yu
ECD: Steve Colmar
IMG: Inês Correia & Edgar Meira
Client: Lisbon City Council
Production House: Flesh512

Lisbon is a city that leaves a mark on people.

Whether a proud local, or fascinated visitor, everyone stays dazzled by Lisbon’s cobblestone.

Inspired on patterns and drawings found on Lisbon's iconic cobblestone sidewalks, we gathered six renowned tattoo artists to create a stunning range of tattoos. Six months of research and inventory work led to a project that showcase designs that can now live on people's skin.

Designs of the iconic cobblestone inspiring real tattoos.

From the sidewalks to people, we’ve created LX Tattoos - Lisbon on your skin.

🕸️LX TATTOOS | Website🕸️

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